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Last updated on “31 of October, 2023”

This Cookie Policy (hereinafter also referred as “
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We have created this Cookies Policy to clarify our use of cookies and similar technologies and to assist you in managing your cookie preferences.

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What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. You can think of a cookie as an identification card for an internet user, informing the website of the user’s return.

Cookies can be categorized as “session” or “permanent” cookies.

  • Session cookies expire when you close your web browser at the end of a user’s session.
  • Permanent cookies are stored in your browser and may remember your settings, actions, and preferences on the website or other sites until a specified expiration date, unless they are manually deleted. Most cookies gather aggregated data, such as how users access and utilize the site. However, some cookies may collect personal data.

These cookies can be placed by ISM Guarantee developers LTD, the website operator (first-party cookies), or by third parties for their specific purposes, such as advertising.

For more information about cookies and their usage, you can visit

Usage of Cookies

ISM Guarantee developers LTD employs the following types of cookies:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: these cookies are vital for the proper functioning of the ISM Guarantee developers LTD website. 
  • Statistic Cookies: These cookies assist ISM Guarantee developers LTD in understanding how visitors engage with its website. By anonymously gathering and reporting data, these cookies provide insights into user behavior and website usage patterns.
  • Preference Cookies: Also known as “functionality cookies,” these cookies enable a website to remember your previous choices, such as language preferences.
  • Marketing Cookies: These cookies are designed to monitor your usage of the ISM Guarantee developers LTD website, including the pages you visit and the links you click. This information is utilized to deliver tailored content based on your interests.

These are the primary classifications for cookies, although some cookies may not neatly fit into these categories or may qualify for multiple categories.

For a comprehensive list of cookies used by or on behalf of ISM Guarantee developers LTD, please consult the tables provided below.

Table #1. List of Strictly Necessary Cookies

Cookie Name




Table #2 List of Statistic Cookies

Cookie Name




Table #3 List of Preferences Cookies 

Cookie Name




Table #4 List of Marketing Cookies

Cookie Name




How You Can Manage Cookies?

Clearing Cookies from Your Device: to remove cookies already stored on your device, you can clear your browser’s browsing history. This action will effectively erase cookies from all the websites you’ve visited. However, it’s important to be mindful that clearing your browsing history may lead to the loss of specific saved information, such as site preferences. Please proceed with caution when performing this action, as it can affect your browsing experience and convenience.

Managing Site-Specific Cookies: For more fine-grained control over cookies from particular websites, we recommend accessing your preferred browser’s privacy and cookie settings. These settings provide you with the capability to manage and tailor how cookies are handled on a site-by-site basis. By exploring these settings, you can customize your cookie preferences to align with your specific needs and desires, ensuring a more personalized browsing experience while retaining control over your privacy.

Blocking Cookies: Most modern browsers offer settings that allow you to prevent any cookies from being placed on your device. However, it’s important to recognize that enabling this setting may require you to manually adjust certain preferences each time you visit a new website or page. Additionally, it’s worth noting that disabling cookies entirely may impact the functionality of some services and features. Therefore, it’s advisable to thoughtfully consider the implications and potential limitations before choosing to block all cookies.

More information on how to manage most popular browsers can be found here: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.


ISM Guarantee developers LTD reserves the right to modify or amend this Cookie Policy at its sole discretion. The most recent update date will always be prominently displayed at the top of this page. Whenever changes are made to the Cookie Policy, we will notify you in a manner consistent with the nature of those changes. If, as required by applicable data protection regulations, significant changes necessitate your approval, ISM Guarantee developers LTD will seek your consent. If you do not agree with a revised version of the Cookie Policy, you are required to discontinue your use of the Website.